Thursday, October 30, 2003

Does Howard Bashman Rock?

Back Briefly
I was talking to P last night, and explained why I haven't blogged for over a month. The simple explanation: I find most law blogs I read today devoid of thoughtful commentary. Most, I think, are now lacking the spark of excitement that once characterized their postings, and have fallen into some really bad political ruts. The prime example, it has to be said, is the volokh conspiracy. It isn't outright bad, but it isn't as interesting as it was. Too many rowers pulling the same way, I think. They should bring Mueller back.

I haven't decided if the lack of interesting links means that I'm not going to continue with this enterprise. I'm leaning that way -- and professional committments urge me to seal the deal. Before I do, I thought that readers my be interested, at least, to know what science says about my ideology. Apparently, I resemble Gandhi and a recent French prime minister. Sigh.