Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Handy Man Curse": Online Appointment

It’s impossible to get any work done! I’m answering my phone all day long; trying to set appointments, accomplishing nothing, and making even less. I make pretty good money when the phone isn’t ringing. I would ask my wife to do the scheduling but we have gone down that road in the past. It is too hard on her and our small children. She has a full time job that is a lot more important than answering my phone calls. I need an online appointment scheduling solution that will come straight to my mobile device. That way I my customers can leave some details, set up an appointment, and I can get back to them after I put the food on the table.

Auto Service: Online Appointment

I’ve been a mechanic for thirty years now and have had my own station for the past twenty. I have seen a lot of things come and go- mostly other independent service stations- and now I mostly ignore everything that comes through the door. Sure glad I didn’t ignore this product when it came to my attention. It was for online scheduler . It’s been a business saver. It has taken a few months but my customers are getting the hang of it and the phone calls are going down and the appointments are going up. So it definitely has paid for itself and in this rough economy I need every little advantage that I can get.